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Furniture plays a dominant role in retail store where visual merchandising is displayed.  The required quality, accuracy to fit site dimension, pre-fabrication time and installation methodology are determined in furniture factory. 


We have been working with most of the best furniture factories in China and are strategically collaborated with selected factories for our retail store projects according to the store’s character and project need.  This is to provide the most suitable factory for each project in term of cost and quality.


For general retail store, we fabricate furniture by our partnered factory in Shanghai, China.  Three dimensional furniture and feature will be fabricated by our Dongguan factory who fabricated freeform corian and GRG for Staurt Weitzman Stores designed by the well-known British architect Zaha Hadid.






Joe is a co-founder of AVT Retails.  He set up our Hong Kong, China and Malaysia operations offices in 2007, 2008 and 2013.  Meanwhile, offices in Macau and Singapore are also established.


Joe is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong.  He has been managing our team of professionals including architects in HK / China, surveyors, designers, project managers, construction teams, factory teams as well as site resident teams for projects located in East and Southeast Asia.


AVT Retails provides full range consultancy services, especially Project Management and Executive Architectural consultancy services, at the early stage of its business.  Up to now, Joe and his team expand our work to include construction, design & build as well as furniture fabrication service for various luxury retail brands.


Director of Global Office


Patrick is Global Director for AVT Retails.  Patrick leads our technical services, including consultancy, construction and furniture fabrication services, across East and Southeast Asia.


He has been participating in retail sector for more than 20 years.  Prior to his role in AVT Retails, he served a global luxury retail brand to deliver hundreds of projects across APAC.


Being trained with architectural background in New York, experienced in client, consultancy and construction companies in Hong Kong, Patrick has accumulated all-round retail experience.  With support of teams in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia, he ensures that AVT Retails is advancing growth across East and Southeast Asia and practice areas.


Director of China Office


Edmond is Director of our China Office.  Edmond established our Shanghai Office to deliver consultancy services and construction services in China in 2008 and 2016 respectively.


He leads our China team and delivered hundreds of retail projects over the past 9 years.  He has delivered projects locate in all high-end shopping malls throughout entire China.  With this extensive experience, Edmond well knows what retail brands’ expectation and how retail brands successfully open retail stores in China.


With the support of local teams including architect, project manager, construction managers and companies for sub-contracting and furniture works, Edmond and his team provide global management as well as local execution services for both consultancy and construction services in China.


Deputy Director of

China Office


Kinki is Deputy Director of our China office.  Kinki joins AVTRetails in 2012.


She received her bachelor's degree from Tongji University and registered as surveyor.  She keeps practicing in global companies and managed projects with parties all over the world.  With Kinki’s insight to project management service for local projects, she successfully develops our China team to provide top grade consultancy services that comply with local culture and requirements quantity.


Construction Team Leader


Vitus is Leader of construction team of AVTRetails.  He establishes our construction teams in Hong Kong and China.  Vitus holds master degree in Architecture, and works in the construction field for more than 20 years.  He has delivered retail projects for various brands in Hong Kong, Macau and China.  In addition, he established our furniture factory, which is a specialist in fabricating freeform furniture and feature, in 2016.


Furniture Factory Leader


Tim is Leader of our furniture factory in Dongguan who fabricated freeform corian and GRG for Staurt Weitzman Stores designed by the well-known British architect Zaha Hadid.  He is a specialist in production of freeform furniture and feature.  Apart from his expertise in using corian to fabricate furniture, he also leads our furniture team to fabricate timber furniture that is widely used in retail and other projects.

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