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Retail store, department store and shopping mall always locate in different cities of Asia where local regulation and working practice are different.  To manage each project successfully, global communication with local support are essential.

Leaded by our in-house professional teams and collaboration with other local bodies, our delivered projects basically cover all high-end shopping malls, with:

  • Retail Brand > 50 nos.

  • Project in China > 500 nos.

  • Project in other location > 100 nos.



  • Consultancy Service > 50 nos.

  • Construction Service > 150 nos.

If you are planning to open a store in East or Southeast Asia, you will find our planning advice useful for aspect in relation to:-

  • Overall procedure

  • Procurement strategy

  • Cost estimation

  • Quality control


In current market, concept designs are always provided by global designers or in-house retail brand designer.  We act as Executive Architect / Interior Designer to execute the concept design to final constructed premised.  With our service, the concept design can be executed to:

  • Achieve targeted project cost, time & work quality

  • Full set design / tender / construction packages

  • Apply to typical design

  • Suit specific procurement methodology

  • Comply with local material & construction methodology

  • Comply with local regulation

We have been involved in the realization of some of the most sophisticated and prestigious retail establishments in the region. Our extensive experience has equipped us with the unique capability to work with our clients on all stages and aspects of the planning process from inception to completion.

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